Anti-fog tips for your windshield

It’s the time of year when you start noticing autumn’s creeping fog steaming up your Mazda‘s windows. Fog can quickly overtake your car’s windows and obscure highway visibility, threatening your safety out on the road.

Car windows get foggy because there is a moisture difference between the interior of your vehicle and the outside environment. That is, there is some degree of dampness inside the automobile. When it gets cold out, this vapor inevitably condenses on the inside of the glass. In the winter, it can build up and turn to ice, forcing you to stop for a de-icing session before you can even leave your driveway.

Isn’t there a trick for solving this problem? Yes, you can open the windows a little to ventilate the car. Additionally, your defroster should work in a pinch. Ideally, however, it’s better to prevent these problems before they happen, especially if the issue has become chronic. These tips can help you make window fog a thing of the past.

Tricks and products

There are some generic items that some people swear by for warding off fog. One of the most common is ordinary household window cleaner. Others suggest baby shampoo works wonders. You can also opt for a product that has been specifically designed to address this issue.

Rain-x is probably the most popular fog repellent product, mainly because you can use it as a glass cleaner as well as a protective screen against the rain. Car owners can apply the Rain-x or a similar product to the window exterior and repel raindrops as they fall. This is incredibly useful, especially if you have weak windshield wipers that struggle during a storm.

Best practices

A bad habit that some people maintain is skipping the defroster and simply wiping steam off the windshield with their hands. This is not smart because, even if your hands are perfectly clean, they are still oily. Transferring this oil to the inside of your window only makes it easier for the problem to happen in the future.

Take the time when you’re not in a rush to thoroughly clean the inside of all your windows. Doing so regularly should definitely reduce fog. If you’re constantly dealing with frost, invest in some liquid de-icer. Better yet, just use vinegar from your pantry. This household staple works like a charm for melting ice-crusted windows.

Because window fog is caused by moisture lock, anything you can do to remove sources of damp inside the vehicle will help prevent steamy glass. Try to eliminate damp surfaces caused by shoes tramping rain or snow into the floorboards. Keep some old towels in the car so you can clean up any puddles that accumulate in the footwells as they happen.

You may not be able to control the weather, but you can reduce your risk of being in a fog-related accident by taking these simple precautions.